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SlipperyRock Creative End User License Agreement

This agreement shall supersede any previous agreement.

The Contents (“Contents”) including, visual files, audio files, tutorial files and data files contained within the Character Rig File (“Character”) via Download are proprietary and copyrighted. This copyright is protected under U.S. and International copyright law. Slippery Rock Creative LLC through SlipperyRockCreative.com own and reserve all rights, except for those specifically granted by the license agreement below.


This is a non-exclusive, non-transferable license agreement (“Agreement”) between you and Slippery Rock Creative LLC through SlipperyRockCreative.com. Please read this agreement carefully before using or installing the product. If you choose not to accept this agreement, you must return the product unused. By using any part of the Contents, you are agreeing to the following terms.

1. The Contents may only be used on one(1)workstation and one(1)personal computer such as a laptop. This applies only if the systems are used by the same person and not multiple users.

2. The Contents may be used, changed and incorporate in to your derivative work such as a personal project or for educational use.

3. However, the contents may not be redistributed into another package, kit, or templates for resale unless agreed upon by both parties.

4. The Contents may not be used within a production involving the promotion or activity of illegal affairs.

5. The Contents may not be transferred to a third party through networked computers or other methods. However a finished locked edit may be transferred to a finishing studio, or social video site such as Youtube.com or Vimeo.com.

6. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Slippery Rock Creative LLC and SlipperyRockCreative.com and all of its officers, directors and employees (“Those Indemnified”) for any and all losses, damages, liabilities, claims, costs or expenses including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred directly or indirectly by Those Indemnified in connection with the use of the Contents.

7. You may not sell, sublicense ,loan, give, or transfer any part of the contents to a third-party, except where defined in section 3 and(or) 5 regarding finishing studios or social video sites.